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Do You Care?

Ok kids, I got a little behind (no pun intended) when I had my colonoscopy done this week. Earlier this week we played a Facebook game of “What will give CarpetKev a heart attack?”  when we posted the photo below.

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The Very Best Vacuum

People have asked me hundreds of times over the years, “What’s the best vacuum to buy?”  It’s happened everywhere.  Some of them may have been making casual conversation but deep down, I believe most of them really wanted to know.

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Dust, Dust, and More Dust!

I know that at one time or another, you have asked yourself the question, “Where did all this dirt come from?” You sweep and mop the floors, you dust the furnishings, you vacuum every week and there is still dust

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What is Eating Your Corners? – Cord Drags & Corner Damage

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t.  (But I do… because that’s part of my job, fans)  The corners in your office (or even your home if you aren’t careful) are getting chewed up by something! The corners from the floor

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ESD Floor Test – Why is it so Hard?

I just returned to the office after completing a test area for a contractor on an existing floor at his construction project.  The floor was in a room that was being remodeled for reassignment, to be used as something different

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Welcome to the original, American CleanSource, professional carpet cleaning blog! This is a place for people with questions about, or problems with, their carpet; the way it looks, the way it wears, the way it’s cleaned, how long it lasts,

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