Carpet Maintenance Services

If you think your carpet isn’t wearing well, chances are you’re not cleaning it right.

You didn’t want to hear that though, did you?!  Yet the number one reason for warranty claim rejection from carpet manufacturers is “improper maintenance”. That’s right, Numerouno!

Once or twice a year cleanings ARE NOT “MAINTENANCE”!  Sorry!  That thinking is like brushing your teeth only on the day you go to the dentist but expecting to never have a cavity… it just isn’t going to work that way!

Every time someone or something in your office moves, it moves on carpet.  Visitors, clients and staff are moving about at lunchtime, start time, quitting time, break time, meeting time, water-cooler time, potty time, etc.  In the average office, nearly half of those traffic patterns (50%) involve bringing in additional soil from the outside or transferring it from some other soiled area (kitchen, break room, warehouse, etc.).

Your carpet never gets a break.  Carpet keeps getting pounded with dirt, traffic, spills, and spots.  It happens all day, every day, until it finally looks so bad that you can’t stand it anymore.  So you “clean” it. Then, you think you’re done with it and you’re back to “square one”, but think again.

What would happen if you only changed the oil in your car once a year??  Damage, that’s what!  … and lots of it.  The first year or two may not bring much in the way of repairs but over time, you’re going to have trouble with “Old Betsy”, irreversible, expensive trouble that you could have avoided had you just kept your car maintained.

The same thing goes for your carpet.  But fixing the long term neglect of commercial carpet is far more expensive than a simple automotive repair.  Just like skipping oil changes on your car, irreversible damage is being done to your carpet; and the appearance and long-term performance are going to suffer.You can’t simply “unbolt” a few “carpet-parts” and replace them in an afternoon.

When it comes to carpet replacement, you’re looking at moving all of the furniture out (that means the cubicles too), disconnecting all the computers, phones, files, boxes and personal items, storing it all somewhere while all the work is being performed, removing the old carpet (no small task, remember, it’s glued down!), prepping the floor for the new carpet, installing the new carpet and then, trying to put everything back in the right place, in working order, without any glitches by Monday morning, so you can try to make enough money to pay off the new carpet bill.

Whew!!  It’s just a whole lot of trouble that could have been avoided.

Why do you keep doing that?  Many times, the annual costs for one of our custom carpet maintenance programs is actually even cheaper than those once or twice a year cleanings that you thought were “saving” you money!  Not only that, but on our program, your carpet looks good all the time!  Even between the cleanings!  You can’t say that on the annual frequency program, now can you!?

We call it our CleanLock Program… where the “Clean and Fresh” are “Locked” in for months!  CleanLock!

You can finally forget about your carpet appearance once you’re on our program.  It’s going to look great after we take over.

You’re going to spend money on carpet cleaning this year.  Spend it in a way that works for your carpet and saves you money.

Why not see what CleanLock can do for you? Let us show you how to save some real carpet dollars.