Tile and Grout Cleaning

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Your grout lines and ceramic tile look dirty for this one, simple reason; the routine maintenance that you employ every day to keep them clean is an utter failure.  The same can be said of your tile and grout at home.

Are you still with me?  Good.  I know you didn’t expect that and it may have ticked you off but I need to say it like it is here.

Now, before you go out and punch your janitorial contractor for stealing all that money from you every month, let’s look at how this all came to be…

There is a frenzied quest for the cheapest cleaning prices.  Janitorial contractors have had to reduce service times and cut frequencies in order to keep competitive in the marketplace.

The belief that all cleaning is the same and all cleaning dollars“saved” drop directly to the bottom line without consequence,hasn’t helped.

Ok, I sound like a cry baby over janitors but that is the situation out there.

But what about the dirty grout you ask??  Well, gone are the days of thorough cleaning folks.If you’re lucky, things in your office are getting the “once over”.  It’s more likely, they’re only getting a “lick and a promise”… a lick as they pass by and a promise that they’ll try to do better tomorrow.

Your floors are being “mopped” in the fastest way possible.  In most cases that means;

  1. Skipped sweeping (saves time to just use the mop and fling it onto the carpet outside the door to be “vacuumed” up later) (More about this nasty little irritation on my Blog at….)
  2. Fewer water changes in the mop bucket (allowing the water to get dirtier as they mop)
  3. Less care in wringing the mop out (leaves behind  a film of excess dirty water to build up in grout lines and in floor texture)

I’ve seen it with my own eyes!  And once that water evaporates, a thin layer of dirt is left behind to start filling up the grout lines, surface scratches, small cracks and low spots in the tile texture until you end up with the “dirty” looking tile and grout you see now.

You can see the evidence along the base boards where careless mopping splashes the dirt-filled water up the grout line about two to three inches.  Above that dirt line is the true color of your grout when it was newly installed.  (Having trouble spotting it in the lobby?  Go check the restrooms.  Mopping procedures are the same in both areas but they can sometimes get away with spot-mopping in a lobby).

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one with dirty tile &grout.  You can have clean tile and grout again simply by calling us!  We do it for this very reason… and we’re good at it.