Upholstery Cleaning

Congratulations!  Not too many people click to this page.  Surprising, due to how dirty most office furniture can be.  But since you’re here, you already know that.

In the office, we touch our upholstered furniture at least a thousand times more often than we touch our carpet; yet, on average, office furniture is cleaned only once every five to seven years!  Many times it is simply replaced during an office makeover.  It is never even cleaned at all.

Yep, (and I shudder when I say this):  it’s filthy!

I’d almost bet money that if you were able to conduct a study of people that get sick, a good portion of them would have had some contact with furniture in either the office or in a public place just prior to the onset of their symptoms.  Indoor air quality is only part of the equation.

Think about it, grab a chair, rub your eye, touch an arm rest, scratch your nose, pull up to a table at the restaurant and start to eat and drink to your hearts content… It’s a wonder the human race has survived civilization!

All kidding aside, just like your carpet, your furniture can be dirty whether it looks bad or not.  The worst areas are easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for:  Arm rests contain the highest concentration of body oils outside of the human body;they also absorb the deposits of everything we touch throughout the workday.  The top center and around the side edges of the chair back is where people grab to pull the chair out in order to sit when they arrive at their desk; or to push it in when they leave.  The front, center of the bottom cushion is where food drops when you eat at your desk and this is the second most common area that people grab to scoot closer to their work station, only slightly less often than they use the edges of the cushion sides.  Spill stains just speak for themselves.

You get the picture.  And by now you certainly know that we can take care of this nightmare before it becomes an epidemic.

We’ll even do you one better.  The next time you’re in a lobby or a waiting room, waiting for an appointment, keep your hands off the furniture and pass along our business card.  With your help, we’ll see what one company can do to rid the world of filthy furniture, one office at a time.