Welcome to the original, American CleanSource, professional carpet cleaning blog!

This is a place for people with questions about, or problems with, their carpet; the way it looks, the way it wears, the way it’s cleaned, how long it lasts, how to take care of it, how to repair it, when to replace it, where to look for guidance about any of it, etc.

I decided to start blogging about carpet because, (as you’ll soon discover if you decide to follow this blog), I’m passionate about the fuzzy stuff!  We install it over our floors to walk on!  It gets dirty and we want it clean.

We want it to look clean and last forever.  We want it to be seen, but not be distracting.  If we do have to clean it, we want it to look brand new again no matter how long we’ve waited or what we subjected it to in the meantime.  The problem is… most of us don’t know jack about carpet or how to care for it.

Where do you find good info about carpet?  How do you sift through the myriad piles of conflicting info to find what’s pertinent to you?  Once you think you’ve found it, how do you vette it?  How do you know if you’re being snowed or not?  What’s the real scoop?

You’ll find info from carpet mills, manufacturers, sales & retail outlets, flooring contractors, designers, trade organizations, training & certifying bodies, equipment manufacturers, chemical suppliers & manufacturers, franchise companies, affiliated schools, independent groups, referral services, installers, cleaners, janitors, message boards, do-it-yourselfers and the dog catcher.

Most of the information I come across is actually trying to help the consumer, but I remain convinced that some information is put up to mislead and confuse people, to get them to focus their attention elsewhere.  Some info is out there to promote a specific train of thought, or highlight a new marketing ploy, even change the thought process to align with a sketchy idea.  Unfortunately, without continuity in the message, most of what you find (if you look in more than one place), tends to perpetuate so many of the rumors and myths that frighten so many people off.

It’s hard for anyone to glean anything meaningful from the info-junk buffet.  It’s almost as bad as politics… no matter which side you’re on, there is always the “spin” to watch out for.

I figured that since I can’t service all markets at once with my great company, I could at least try to fill the information void and supply good information.  This could work across the entire country.  Maybe I could emerge as a reasonable source of reliable information outside of the Phoenix metro area.  Maybe even do it across state lines without being suspected of just trying to promote my own business.  (Although, I would appreciate businesses in the Greater Phoenix area calling on us for their carpet cleaning services…  Just sayin’)

I’m Kevin Hall.  I’m a 35 year veteran of the carpet cleaning industry.  Most of the time I’m proud of that and other times, I wonder, “what’s wrong with me?”  I’ve worked for carpet mills and suppliers, I’ve fixed a lot of problems, I’ve corrected a bunch of missteps and I’ve saved a bunch of carpet over the years!  Have I “done it all”? Not by any stretch.  But I’ve done a lot, and that, my friend, is good news for you.

I’ve seen a lot of changes, some good, some not as good.  I have quite a few colleagues and professional acquaintances that have been around for a while as well.  (again, some good and some… well, you get the picture!)

Many of my clients call me “Carpet Kev” because I take care of their carpet and they know that they can call me with whatever problems arise.  Either I, or one of my team, will get the matter handled fast and efficiently.  Anyway, I kinda like the way “Carpet Kev” sounds so, I’ll let that be my persona/title here in the Blogosphere.

I run a successful, commercial-only, carpet cleaning company in the Greater Phoenix area.  We specialize in strictly commercial applications and their unique circumstances.  For years, I ran a large residential and commercial carpet cleaning company.  Fourteen years ago I decided to focus strictly on commercial.  I felt that the commercial world was getting short changed by the residential monsters (that’s the guys who have mostly residential customers but occasionally do an office) , the part-timers and janitors.  That’s why I made the move.

But I’m not going to limit this to commercial stuff.  I’m going to make this a broad-topic blog.  I’m going to tell it like I see it without a bunch of sugar coating.  I’ll talk about whatever inspires me, frustrates me or captivates me, on topics I think might be of benefit to you.  Topics will run the gamut; myths & tricks, employees, equipment, computers, carpet suppliers, money saving tips, who’s coming to your place of business (or residence), anything and everything else.

I’m not going to tell you how to mix your own “magic” carpet juice.  I’m going to feed you information with which you can arm yourself.  That way, you won’t be so easily taken advantage of by the unscrupulous.

These will be my own opinions from my own experiences with my own observations and my own insight and I expect some of it will fly in the faces of some of the leading, industry captains.  I may even make some of them mad.  At some point, I will make someone mad from each branch of the industry.  I expect that.  Heck, I may even make you mad!

There is a bunch of bad or misleading carpet cleaning information out there, and I find it frustrating.  Well-meaning posts can seem at odds when you don’t have a complete understanding about the problem you face.

Heck, in my experience, most normal people have a hard time just explaining their troubles to someone in one or another branch of my industry… much less knowing how to sift through and sort out what they need from all the garbage.   I hope to help fix that.

I’ll wrap this up for now.  See you next time.

Or, maybe I’ve made you mad already.  🙂

Carpet Kev, out!