The “Cleaning Industry” is going to kick back, hard!

You see, traditional carpet cleaners don’t want you to know any of this. Why? BECAUSE THEY SELL CARPET CLEANING! Their product/service is to clean your carpet, so naturally, they want it to get dirty again. They need you to keep coming back to them to clean the carpet over and over again.

You’ll hear everything from

“That’ll ruin your carpet”, or

“…void your warranty”, to

“There’s NO WAY…”,

“That’s impossible”, and

EVERYTHING in between.

We know it’s coming… We want you to be prepared for it.

Our new technology is great for you, and your carpet. There is no other way to make carpet look good for every event in your calendar…

It’s a major problem for traditional carpet cleaners and their obsolete cleaning systems.

They’re going to try to discredit us and hold onto their outdated practices. NO one wants to be obsolete.

What really matters, at the end of the day, is this…

Does your carpet look good when you need it to?

Can VIP’s visit at a moment’s notice?

Do spots seem to take care of themselves?

How about the continual health and well-being of your staff and visitors?

We deliver all this …and more. It’s something the other guys can’t.

Look, the “Cleaning Industry” isn’t bad. They’re doing the best they can with the tools they’ve got. It’s just that those tools and processes ARE NOT EFFECTIVE for KEEPING carpet clean. They’re not the best for you, because they can’t do the job.

They can get carpet clean …they can’t keep it clean. Plain and simple. Their cleaning is expensive and it’s a temporary fix. They know it, and now, you know it too.

They’re not timely, they’re expensive, the results are temporary. Those processes make you live with soil buildup and spills, until you spend the big money again for temporary relief.

Don’t let “Nay-sayers” keep you from enjoying the best-looking carpet you’ve had since it was new. Send them to our website so they can begin to understand this revolution in “Clean”.