What makes American CleanSource so different?
We represent the first real innovation in the carpet cleaning industry in over 50 years! Keep reading to learn more…We focus on the only three things that matter; soil accumulation, soil migration, and spots. We don’t just come in and clean dirty carpet… we keep carpet clean all the time with CleanLock®, our constant care approach.

What is Soil Accumulation?
Dirt Build-Up. Every time you walk in, you bring in dirt on your shoes. When you walk across the carpet, the dirt filters down into the fibers. As you repeat the process over and over, it adds dirt to the carpet – just as if you used a bucket and shovel.

What is Soil Migration?
When the carpet can’t hold anymore, the dirt needs to find somewhere else to go. So it follows you throughout the building. Think of that kid Pig Pen in Charlie Brown cartoons – the dirt follows you around until it finds a place to land, making everything dirty, just like everything Pig Pen touched.

What is Spot Cleaning? What is your policy on small spot-cleaning calls?
Typically, this is the removal of spots and spills. We find that CleanLock customers rarely need to call about spots in their carpet, because we do whatever it takes to keep it looking good all the time with frequent visits. However, if someone spills a coffee, just give us a call, we’ll come take care of it – FAST and FREE!

How can you guarantee my carpet will always stay clean?
Constant attention – think of us like an internal department. We care about your carpet appearance as much (probably more) than you do and we’re going to do whatever it takes to keep it looking good. Dirt is inevitable, you bring it in automatically each and every day, but we’re a CLEAN CARPET company not a CARPET CLEANING company. We don’t give that dirt time to build up or settle in like the other guys.

What is the difference between a CLEAN CARPET company and a CARPET CLEANING company?
A “CLEAN-CARPET” company focuses on maintaining the original cleanliness of carpet – not allowing carpet to amass the dirt in the first place, stopping soil migration throughout the office, and removing spots as needed for FREE to keep carpet looking good. A “CARPET-CLEANING” company “restores” carpet to a “like-new” condition by powering out all of the dirt, muck and mess that has built up since the last cleaning (when was that? A year ago? Two…more?)

How can you promise all this AND lower my expenses at the same time?
It’s simple really – big dirt requires big effort. Big machines, big time, big money. The more you let it build up, the harder it is to remove. This has been the way since the 1960s – a bit outdated don’t you think? What we’ve discovered over the last 40 years is that it is a heck of a lot easier, faster, cheaper to just keep the carpet clean – like it was originally! Since we don’t allow dirt to build up and move through the office, we don’t need big machines, big time or big money to give you clean carpet – and we pass those savings on to you.

How often will you monitor and clean my carpets?
Monitoring carpet does nothing to get it clean (you’re just watching it get dirty), unless you have the ability to do something about it. When we monitor – you get scheduled and then we do a follow up check to be sure that what we did was effective. This happens as often as it takes to keep your carpets at optimum appearance – seriously. Our “whatever it takes” guarantee means we do “whatever it takes” to eliminate dirt build-up, soil migration and nasty spots from your carpet. We come back as often as needed at no extra charge!

Always clean carpet for less than I am paying now… seems to good to be true?
Of course it does – what we do has never been done before. New and innovative methods can leave us all a little skeptical at first, but we all carry computers in the palm of our hand now, tiny little computers that make calls, send emails and texts, record video, take pictures, manage our money, play games and connect us to people across the world. The 1960s consumer would have told you that that sounded far “too good to be true” for a telephone. The world around us is constantly innovating to meet the needs of the modern consumer. It’s time the carpet cleaning industry did the same. There’s been virtually no significant change in process or equipment in the last 60 years, save for a few tweaks and upgrades. We had to change our attitude, process and equipment to make the innovations our industry needed. Our CleanLock customers have joined the modern movement and enjoy the high-tech benefits of carpet that’s always clean. Feel free to contact us for references.

Do we need to be here when you come in to clean our carpets?
Nope – we’re practically invisible. You treat us like an internal department once you’re on the CleanLock program. Your department operates during the day, and our shift starts at night. It’s our job to save you time and money, and you certainly aren’t saving any time standing around watching the traditional guys sucking the rug.

What is “CleanLock?”
This is our proprietary, all-encompassing carpet care system. The automated way to care for your carpet. We lock in the clean by evicting the dirt. We stay on top of it so you don’t have to.

Will you really protect my wall corners and baseboards from damage?
Baseboard and corner damage happens when you drag cords and hoses around them. We don’t have cords and hoses to drag, so…corner damage will be exclusively provided by your janitorial company ☺

What it so special about your equipment?
Well, it’s not just about equipment. It’s the process, the systems and philosophy and how you put it all together that matters most. This is the “secret sauce” if you will. ….But since you asked, we design and build our equipment to our specifications in house – nothing existed to deliver the results, effectiveness and affordability we were trying to achieve. You won’t find it anywhere but here. Everything else was impractical, cumbersome and costly. It was outdated since much of the equipment hasn’t changed significantly in the last 60+ years.

Do you use truck mount steam cleaning?
After 40 years, we’ve used and seen it all. We are familiar with and have owned nearly every machine designed to clean carpets. Yes, we have truck mounted steam cleaning capabilities. We are skilled at and equipped to deliver all 6 recognized methods of carpet cleaning. In case you haven’t been paying attention, these are great for carpet cleaning companies and those who have yet to join us in the 21st century. But please remember, “We are a CLEAN CARPET company.” Carpet would stay clean forever if you’d help it…. There’s no better, faster, cheaper, easier, less hassle way to take care of your carpet than the CleanLock automated carpet care system.

Do you use green-certified chemicals and cleaning solutions?
Absolutely. We’re so far down the road from the onset of the “green movement’, we’re not sure any suppliers sell the old carpet cleaning poisons anymore.

Do you have industry references I can reach out to?
Yes, hundreds. We’re happy to provide references when we reach the point of working together. We don’t lose clients unless they move out of state or get bought out by Mega Corp, so there should be plenty for you to choose from.

How long has American CleanSource been in business?
American CleanSource has been in business over 25 years. Our founder has more than 40 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry. The CleanLock program first started to take shape in 2008, and has been innovating and improving ever since.

Do carpet chemicals make my carpet dirty?
This statement would have you believe that your carpet doesn’t get dirty until you have chemicals in it. It sounds like if you never cleaned your carpet, it would never get dirty. We all know this isn’t true. However, with improper use or lack of sufficient rinsing, all soap leaves a residue that will attract soil. Any soap. And it’s not just soap. There are plenty of substances spilled or tracked in on shoes (coffee, coffee additives (creamers, sugars, syrups and flavors), soft drink syrups, protein drinks, energy drinks, parking lot goop, sidewalk goop, soup or salad dressing, oil from chips, snacks, nuts, crackers and spreads, even the organic compounds found in the rain puddle outside the door, etc., etc., etc…… Yes, even water or simple moisture/higher humidity levels will attract and trap soil to the carpet fiber. There’s a lot more to this topic than can be explained in a tiny paragraph.

How long are we locked into a program?
You’re not! Ever. We don’t lock anyone into a contract. Our programs speak for themselves. There’s no better, faster, cheaper, easier, less hassle way to take care of your carpet. Once our clients realize this, they stay. Many have been here 3, 5, 7, 10 years or more – true statement. Our program makes their job so easy that they just don’t leave – but if you wanted to, for whatever reason – you’re good to go, anytime. The only thing locked in around here is your clean!