Carpet cleaning hasn’t changed in 50 years!

Think back to your last carpet cleaning…

How did the carpet smell?

How long did your carpet LOOK clean after your people came back to work?

How long before spots or spills showed up?


Freshly cleaned carpet, usually, only lasts a matter of days, maybe a few weeks.

Clean carpet is basically invisible, but carpet always gets dirty …fast. Dirty looking carpet has become the “OLD-FASHIONED normal” for the way carpet looks in American offices.

It typically goes like this…

You pay a cleaning company, then, spots and dirt return over the following weeks, you tolerate the increasing carpet ugliness, until the next time you can pay for a “clean”. Then, the clean/dirty frustration starts all over again.

To a cleaning company, a “clean” is a single event. It is not designed to stay clean for any length of time. No one expects it to.

You want the clean to last forever, at least as long as possible! You fall for useless slogans like “Use Joe’s Carpet for a clean that lasts” or “Deep cleaning process for a longer-lasting clean.”


No one expects cleaning to last. Neither do you! ANYONE who supplies “cleaning” …cleaners, janitors, highly trained technicians, even product and equipment manufacturers DO NOT EXPECT cleaning TO LAST!! No one in the industry expects cleaning to “last”. But they want you to believe it does.

They all accept that it’s a “One & Done” system, where “THEY” (the cleaning company) get “PAID”, every time they do it. And they know they’ll be called again. They make their money cleaning carpet.  They have no desire to develop a “Clean that lasts”… Would you?

It works for them… because you keep buying their obsolete product/system, HOPING this time it’ll be different. Then, you wait for the buildup, you put up with the dirtiness of it until there’s a trigger event, then you pay for another cleaning episode. When it’s all said and done, you return to “living with it” as it gets dirtier and less healthy.

These are the clean and dirty cycles we talk about. You clean …and then live with your ever-increasing dirtiness. You do it repeatedly. That’s why we call it a cycle. You buy it, believing all along, that you bought clean carpet for the next year or so. Your cleaner just waits until you call him back. $$ Cha-ching $$

Remember that you never wanted to clean it in the first place? … until it got dirty.

Put “Standard Carpet Cleaners” table (maybe here) to break it up + Change the title to Traditional CC.

How’s this working for you?

What they’re really selling isn’t “CLEAN” they’re selling you their cleaning, which always results in “Clean Cycles and Dirty Cycles”. Clean for a short period, then increasing dirtiness until you clean again. They’re selling you the “cleaning”. Plain and simple.

The most frustrating part is, the very ones we trusted to keep us looking good …to “clean” our carpets… the “cleaning industry”, they cannot MAINTAIN the cleanliness of the “clean carpet” they deliver. They can make dirty carpet clean again but they can’t KEEP it clean to save their lives. That’s why they continually just sell the “cleaning”.

“Cleaning”, is their profit process. To them, “Clean” is an end result to get a check. They even offer you a “100% satisfaction guarantee” “You’ll be 100% satisfied or you’ll pay nothing!” See, it’s all about their “pay”. Wait ‘til you see OUR guarantee, it’s going to blow your shoes and socks clean OFF!! It blows this wimpy guarantee right out of the water!!

Carpet cleaning is still done the same way it’s been done for the last fifty years. It’s expensive and it doesn’t last. Even the newest names you hear advertised on radio and T.V. use the same procedures and equipment developed in the 1960’s and ‘70’s.

You getting the picture?

They can’t keep carpet clean, no matter what they do. They don’t expect it to stay clean. Their products and tools don’t address ongoing cleanliness. They are not in a position to keep carpet clean.

Want a way out?

When you use the right people, carpet stays clean.