WE CARE ABOUT CLEAN CARPET – and we expect “clean” to last.

Whenever we’ve asked anyone, “How often do you want to clean your carpet?” The answer is always “Never.”

Well, that obnoxious, truthful answer has created a huge problem in our little world. It’s hard to be a commercial carpet cleaner when literally no one ever wants to clean their office carpet. …Even our clients!!

Oh, they knew they had to. Their company image was at stake. Visitors and office personnel needed a healthy and safe work environment.  And the dang Big Boss comes around occasionally, just to see if the carpet looks good!!

We struggled with this dilemma for decades. How could we get cleaning costs low enough to keep carpet looking good enough… between cleanings, without generating those clean and dirty cycles?

How do you KEEP carpet looking good within budget?!?

We got involved with carpet maintenance fads that came along. The problem was they were just different cleaning processes and frequencies, combined to look new, but were simply the same old stuff camouflaged in “carpet maintenance” jargon.

We found that old, “traditional” cleaning and industry-accepted carpet care practices, were totally useless at controlling these things.  (That hurt a little, after 30 years of doing carpet the old ways, I gotta say!)

We all needed a miracle.

We became obsessed with the question…

“What if carpet never got dirty? Not by magic, but by an efficient, well designed process”.

If carpet didn’t get dirty…“It could solve all the fundamental problems in the system”.

The questions became “how do we keep carpet clean?”

It all boiled down to 4 imperative factors we call T.A.M.S:

  1. Traffic
  2. Accumulation
  3. Migration
  4. Spots

It’s all about how these four components are controlled. When the T.A.M.S. are managed properly, your carpet will never look dirty, thus …you never need cleaning again. That is what gives us this huge advantage because traditional carpet cleaning isn’t forward thinking – it doesn’t anticipate.  It’s reactionary – it’s “one and done”.  It can never keep it clean.

We discovered – When you control these 4 simple, yet complex issues, carpet miraculously stays clean!  It took trial & error, some “back to the drawing board” moments and a lot of refining…but out of it…

The CleanLock – Clean Carpet Initiative was born!

CleanLock is the forecasting and anticipation of changing carpet appearance, and the preventive tools that keep carpet clean. We are on top of it BEFORE it becomes a problem. That’s the CleanLock initiative.

By definition, an “Initiative” is the opportunity to act or take charge before others do.  We are doing just that. 

Then whole rest of our industry is stuck. There are no significant new ideas. They are all shuffling and re-shuffling products, processes and frequencies with carpet maintenance jargon. 

It’s time for a change – let’s just keep it clean!

American CleanSource has succeeded in putting clean carpet on auto-pilot.  Consistently “clean” is now the standard for the way office carpet looks. Clean and dirty cycles are a thing of the past. Filthy episodes are history.

Today, we’re constantly reviewing our operations to be even better. Everyone else still does things their old ways.  You’ll hear some Naysayers and poo-hoo-ers because they can’t understand our discoveries.  They (hyperlink to ‘About Them’ page) are quaking in their boots.  

Because of the CleanLock Initiative, you NEVER have to hire anyone to CLEAN your carpet AGAIN.

Let that soak in… You literally NEVER have to hire ANYONE to CLEAN your carpet AGAIN.

We’re all about “Clean Carpet” …but you don’t have to Clean it, to KEEP it clean.

This is a game changer. It’s sooo revolutionary, we actually guarantee it, in writing. No, not that you’re going to be satisfied with the cleaning, rather, that your clean carpet will never get dirty. (hyperlink to ‘Our Guarantee’ page)

Is that BOLD or WHAT?!?

The best time to start is now. (Especially if the carpet is new).

Start enjoying “Clean carpet…All the time.”

Get on the bus to Clean Town and never be embarrassed by your ugly stinking carpet again.

You’ve been trying to ignore your carpet for years and look where that’s gotten you!!

Ask yourself…When is your boss coming to town? When is your next cleaning cycle? What is that big spot in the hallway?….Does any of that cause you stress?!

We keep more than 4 million square feet of carpet spot free and looking good, all the time, right here in Phoenix and surrounding cities.

We’re no joke.

Try us. We’ve been perfecting these concepts for the more than ten years. We have over a hundred clients who never worry about how their carpet looks. They love it and they don’t leave.

Time for YOU to check us out?


Now that we’ve piqued your curiosity with this factoid – we really do maintain enough carpet to cover over 70 football fields each and every month! Our customers love us and they’re willing to tell you so if you’re looking for references. Most of them have enjoyed “always clean” carpet for 10 years now. We really are changing the way commercial carpet is cleaned.

Think about this for a minute — We are a “clean carpet” company… NOT a “carpet cleaning” company. Just let it sink in… Yeah… you need to call us. 480-854-7976


It is really quite simple… We do whatever it takes, and we do it as often as it takes! We get to the bottom of the problem by getting to the “deep dirt” from the best clean your carpet has ever seen. Then, we keep it that way! When we see the least sign of change in your high traffic areas, we come in and clean. You won’t even know we were there!

By constantly maintaining you carpet cleaning, the daily dirt never becomes deep down, hard to clean dirt. Our proven track record of “always clean” carpet is extending the life of expensive carpet and reducing cleaning budgets everywhere we go.