Hello You…

Somehow, you’re in charge of carpet cleaning at “The Company”. You don’t know how that happened… but it did. This means that you see every dirty spot and hear every negative carpet comment. The spill in the break room… comments from your boss… and fellow workers… the smell… It’s all on you, and you are beginning to FEEL it!

Did you get any training?

A lot of people, like you, believe they have little or no knowledge when it comes to selecting a carpet cleaner. When in actuality, they know a lot more than they think!

What they know usually comes from legends stories and Urban Myths that are passed around between families and friends. 

Have you heard any phrases like these?

  • “It was wet for DAYS!”
  • “It smelled musty when they were done.”
  • “It smelled like a wet dog for 3 days, even with windows open.”
  • “It was a nightmare…”
  • “I never want to go through that again!”
  • “Wait as long as you can before you clean carpet…”
  • “It gets dirtier faster after you clean it…”
  • “The spots all came back within a week…”
  • “You’re going to shrink your carpet…”
  • “Make sure you get ‘steam’ cleaning.”
  • “Don’t buy ‘Steam’ cleaning!”
  • “It has to be ‘Dry’ cleaning.”
  • “It just moves the dirt around…”
  • “Carpet cleaning just smears the dirt around, evenly…”
  • “Wait at least 2 years before you clean your new carpet…”
  • “They just re-circulate the same water.”
  • “My cousin cleaned carpets until he got a real job.”
  • “Just rent a machine and do it yourself.”
  • “If it’s “real dirty’, you’ve gotta use more ‘soap’.”
  • “Don’t use soap, just clean it with water.”
  • “Soap ruins carpet.”
  • “Don’t risk ‘Steam’ or ‘Shampoo’.”
  • “There are 5 carpet cleaning myths.”
  • “There are 7 carpet cleaning myths.”
  • (How many?) “Things your carpet cleaner won’t tell you.”
  • “Dish soap and water…” – “Vinegar and water…”
  • “Vinegar and baking soda and water…” – “Club Soda…”
  • “Rubbing alcohol and water….” – “Just use water…”
  • “Scrape, then blot…”
  • “Don’t rub it back and forth…”
  • “Always vacuum first…”
  • “Don’t vacuum before, the machine has enough suction…”
  • “Move the furniture…” – “Don’t move furniture.”
  • “He damaged my ________…”
  • “All the fibers came out in this one area….”
  • “The seams came apart…”
  • “There were big bubbles and ripples, it looked like the ocean!”
  • “My cat ran away…”
  • “They drove in my grass…”
  • “They leaked oil on my driveway…”
  • “I was not very happy…”
  • “The bill was more than he quoted me…”
  • “Their hoses were leaking in my house…”
  • “He moved my white sofa with his filthy hands…”
  • “They chipped drywall off my walls…”
  • “They were not very careful…”
  • “They were not very professional…”
  • “They seemed ‘Fly-by-night”…”
  • “He was very ‘High-Pressure Salesy’…”
  • “They were hardly here, they couldn’t have done a good job…”

Turns out, there was A TON of carpet training in your life!! All those stories and phrases you heard over the years, gave you an idea what to expect when you hire a cleaning company.

Not very inspiring, is it?

In fact, it scares most people out of their wits. I mean, WHO in their right mind would want to EVER hire a cleaning company after hearing those things, over and over? Certainly NOT ME, probably you either!

But those are the things that EVERYONE hears, all the time. Everybody is skeptical when it comes to cleaning the carpet. EVERYBODY knows all those things!

Who wants to be in charge of getting the carpet cleaned? Who wants to deal with everyone judging you? …offering you advice? …adding more comments to the list? …waiting for you to FAIL?

Were you set up?!?

After hearing all that, who would EVER want to clean carpet? NO wonder people wait well beyond the saturation point and nasty visible spots. NO wonder “NEVER” is always the answer to “How often would you like to clean your carpet?”

Truth be told, there is something satisfying about watching dirty, nasty carpet, become fresh and clean again.

But how about the next morning? Is it as satisfying to come in, next day and deal with the aftermath? Damp, musty carpets …Styrofoam blocks under furniture… and “should a freshly-cleaned carpet smell that way”? Sheesh… It’s as if the things on the list are true! Would there be a list if they weren’t?

What if your carpets could stay clean and fresh all the time? Would you miss the embarrassment? The nasty smell, the snarky comments and the impromptu meeting with your supervisor? Could you convince yourself to live with clean carpets all-the-time?

Hmmm… food for thought.

There are three primary reasons you need office carpet cleaning.

The Boss Is Coming

You just found out your boss is flying in and the place needs to be spotless! The carpet is a mess and you are stressed to get it clean before the bosses arrive! This is actually the number one reason businesses clean their carpets. Pretty stressful for sure, don’t worry… we have got you covered.


There is a media photoshoot, a walk through/tour happening and you have got to clean this place up, especially the carpets! We have seen this a million times again, all stressed to get the carpets cleaned before the inspector shows or before the big media day!


Dang spots, spills, drips, and whatever else happens with all the employees lunches, coffee and sodas. these stains that never seem to come out, just briefly go away after being spot treated are another top reason companies clean carpets. Especially desk areas and lunch room areas!

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People have been trained to think about carpet cleaning as something that they do occasionally… Cleaning companies think the same way – “When it gets dirty, we’ll clean it.” Unfortunately, a lot of cleaning companies do more harm than good.

And it can lead to trouble, like this…


What You Get:

  • Big Truck Mounts

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Takes Tons Of Time

  • Harsh Toxic Chemicals

  • Floods Carpet And Pads

  • Extremely High Temperature

  • Jet Pressured Water


  • Soaking Wet Carpet

  • Damaged Glue/Adhesive

  • Short Lived Clean

  • A Very High Bill To Pay

  • One And Done Relationship

  • Streaks And Lines

  • Magical Reappearing Spots

Oh! And we forgot to mention the endless headaches that come with it, at no additional charge!

You can either fret about your carpet and clean it a lot, or you can ignore it (like most people) and have a huge, looming mess to clean up when you can’t take it anymore. And, that time always comes.

Would it be easier on you to ignore the carpet AND still know that it looks good? You need to become our client.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning, like you buy from cleaning companies, can’t keep your carpet clean. It wasn’t designed to. You pay MONEY to clean carpet that only looks good for a few weeks after they leave.

No wonder you don’t like to pay for cleaning. It’s expensive, and it doesn’t last! You think you’re buying “clean” but you’re actually only buying “the cleaning” itself.

You’re paying for a service that is not timely, it’s expensive, and the results are temporary. Those outdated processes make you live with soil buildup and spills, until you spend the big money again for temporary relief.

Sounds like you need a better solution…

It can be done.  And we do it on over 4,000,000 square feet of carpet every month in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Can you imagine? No more soaked carpets, stains and spots coming back, stressing about when the bosses are coming in to get it done, or spending a fortune!

The CleanLock – Always Clean Initiative from American CleanSource – Hassle free, cost effective, and you enjoy clean carpet ALL year-round without having to figure out the whole “carpet cleaning” plan!  We’ll do whatever it takes for you – guaranteed.

Are you feeling a little better yet?

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