“It’s Carpet care, on AUTOPILOT”, and it couldn’t get any easier.”

We permanently solve the 4 major dirt factors that destroy decent carpet appearance: Traffic, Accumulation, Migration & Spots. (T.A.M.S.)





The simple act of walking into your office gets the carpet dirty! You see, getting carpet DIRTY is ALSO AUTOMATIC!! People track the dirt around, just going about their day. The rest of your spots are from spilling.

Keeping carpet beautiful is really about how we manage your Traffic, Accumulation, Migration & Spots. (T.A.M.S.)

When the T.A.M.S. are managed properly, your carpet will never look dirty, thus …you never need cleaning again.

We manage your T.A.M.S. through the CleanLock Initiative. It’s like clockwork. We monitor, adjust, apply and review the tools and procedures required to keep your carpet image at its peak – and – it happens automatically.

Let us show you…

It’s Like Clock Work

You can have clean carpet all year – without spending a ton of money. CleanLock is automatic cleanliness, to offset the automatic soiling. CLEANLOCK is the perfect CLEAN CARPET PROGRAM with FREE spot treatments and a guarantee that will keep you smiling! And we do it for way less than you think.

When Traffic, Accumulation, Migration and Spots are left unmanaged, you’re left with months of dirty carpet… until you pay for cleaning… again.

You see, most companies clean their carpets 4 times a year. You can see the graphic below illustrating the amount of time your carpet is actually clean. 

No one expects cleaning to last – but with the CleanLock Initiative, it does!

CleanLock is the forecasting and anticipation of changing carpet appearance, and the preventive tools that keep carpet clean. We are on top of it BEFORE it becomes a problem.  There’s no soil build-up or accumulated spots. That’s the CleanLock advantage, That’s the CleanLock Initiative.

If something unexpected makes the carpet look dirty, we adjust our process to fix it. Even if it means we have to clean it for you FOR FREE – whatever it takes. Then we make our CleanLock adjustments, so your carpet always looks good again….

Mischief, managed.

Clean Carpet All Year Long For A Fraction Of The Cost!

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  • We simply don’t let carpet get dirty.

  • Stays Clean guarantee – In writing.

  • Frequent monitoring for changing conditions.

  • Service adjustments to fit the circumstances.

  • Whatever it takes for your carpet to look good.

  • Companywide buy-in on clean carpet philosophy.

  • Improves indoor air quality.

  • Saves water.

  • Green and sustainable.

  • Environmentally safe.

  • Economical as heck.

  • Nothing to dump down the drain.

  • Task specific – electric equipment.

  • Full upgrade to electric fleet vehicles by 2025.

  • We mean it when we say, “Whatever it takes.”